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Specialised Equipment

Turning, drilling, boring and milling—Weston Machine Shop has the specialised machinery to do it all.

From heavy industrial machining to component manufacturing, we have a wide range of machinery suitable to meet your specific needs with high speed precision and fast turnaround times.

In our fully equipped workshop in Weston, we have four lathes, two milling machines, two radial drills a key cutting machine and a metal cutting bandsaw. We also have a wide network of suppliers where we can source almost any grade of material including steel bars, alloys, plates and plastics.
Metal Drilling — Metal Fabrication & Engineering in Weston, NSW

At Weston Machine Shop

We have a close working relationship with a Newcastle based CNC oriented machine shop who supply us with an extremely competitive pricing and delivery structure for our large quantity of repeat orders.

Talk to our experts today to find out more about our selection of machinery and equipment, and their capabilities.
CNC Machine — Metal Fabrication & Engineering in Weston, NSW


The largest of our machinery range includes a lathe with the capacity to swing 800mm in diameter and 3000mm between centres.

This machine is equipped with a multi-functional digital readout which makes for greater accuracy. Our other lathes have a capacity of 500mm swing x 2m long.
Lathe Machine — Metal Fabrication & Engineering in Weston, NSW

Milling Machines

Our largest milling machine has 1900mm long travel and 1000mm cross travel and at full length can fit 1000mm under the splindle. This machine also has the capabilities of line boring as well as blind hole boring.

Also fitted with a 3-axis digital readout, this makes the positioning of holes, bores, angles and faces extremely accurate.
Milling Machine — Metal Fabrication & Engineering in Weston, NSW

Mega H400A Bandsaw Machine

  • Metal cutting
  • Automatic horizontal bandsaw
  • Very heavy duty
  • Fast approach system
  • Max capacity: 400mm
  • Heavy duty, automatic, twin column bandsaw, designed for all types of material including solids & heavy duty wall sections
  • High specification
  • Twin hydraulic fixed vices clamp material both sides of the blade
  • 500mm single pass, slow approach on forward stroke for accurate length setting
  • 9 pass multi-feed facility allows machine to produce cut lengths up to a maximum of 4500mm
  • Both moving & datum vice open to help with bent stock & prevent material marking
  • Automatic head height control & fast control & fast approach facility for fast cycle times
  • Tungsten carbide pads on both sides & top of the blade, together with roller bearings
Optional features:
  • Variable vice pressure
  • Cutting depth control
Bandsaw Machine — Metal Fabrication & Engineering in Weston, NSW

Mega H400A Bandsaw Machine

Manufacturer Mega
Machine Type Bandsaws/automatic horizontal bandsaw

Operation Type

Automatic, twin column, straight cutting

Max Capacity Cut Size

Material Type Solids, sections, material bundles
Materials Nickel alloys, non-ferrous, ferrous
Blade size 4570 x 1.1 x 34
Blade speed 20 to 80rn/min
Dimensions 2471 x 2197 x 1857
Power Supply 400V, 3 phase

F5 Speed Pulse XT

  • 400 amp pulse MIG
  • Remote feeder
  • Extra robust, extra variable, extra low spatter
  • Dynamic control
  • EN 1090-certified
  • Variable arc
  • Pulse welding
Pulse Welding — Metal Fabrication & Engineering in Weston, NSW

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a lathe used for?
A lathe is primary used to carve, cut or shape a piece of material—predominately metal.
What is a milling machine used for?
Milling machines are used to machine flat surfaces, including drilling, boring and producing slots.
Do you have a CNC machine?
Yes we do. See our CNC machine page to learn more about it.