Metal Fabrication in The Hunter Valley


Welding & Repairs

Talk to the experts at Weston Machine Shop today for high-quality metal fabrication work—all at a competitive price.

We stock a wide range of metal plates and supplies to fulfill small to medium fabrication requests at our fully equipped workshop in Weston.

Our workshop is stocked with the latest equipment including several stick and WIG welding machines, as well as a comprehensive range of electrodes, filler wires and shielding gases to complete your specific fabrication, welding or repair needs.
Sparks Produced By Welding Machine — Metal Fabrication & Engineering in Weston, NSW

If you’ve got a large-scale project in mind

We have a close network of local fabrication shops that can meet your needs. Weston Machine Shop caters to commercial and industrial clients throughout Maitland and surrounding areas.
Welder with Protective Gear — Metal Fabrication & Engineering in Weston, NSW

Frequently Asked Questions

What is metal fabrication?
Metal fabrication is the process of bending, cutting and assembling in order to create a metal structure or piece of machinery.
What’s the difference between metal and steel?
Metal is a naturally occurring element, whereas steel is an alloy that’s made from metal.
Do you provide custom fabrication?
Yes, but only via request and for parts that cannot be bought off the shelf.