Engineering in The Hunter Valley


Concept to Completion

At Weston Machine Shop, we provide general engineering services for commercial and industrial clients throughout Maitland and surrounding areas.

From concept to manufacturing, our experienced team uses a local engineering and drafting business to ensure your machinery is long lasting and requires minimal maintenance.
Metal Foundation Inside An Industrial Facility — Metal Fabrication & Engineering in Weston, NSW

We work with all materials—steel

Metal and aluminium—modifying and redesigning your machinery to make them as efficient and precise at possible.

Whether it’s for your mine site, plant or industrial factory, our experts ensure you receive a product that not only looks good on paper, but is also highly functional and manufactured at a reasonable cost.
Coils Of Aluminum — Metal Fabrication & Engineering in Weston, NSW

Frequently Asked Questions

What is general engineering?
General engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the design, manufacture and maintenance of machines and structures.
What’s the difference between a drafter and an engineer?
A drafter will typically design the machine or structure using specialised software such as CAD. Whereas an engineer will apply the design to reality, manufacturing and installing the equipment.
What materials do you work with?
We work with steel, metal and aluminium.