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  • Weston Machine Shop has the facilities and machinery to cover a very broad scope of work in the field of turning, drilling and boring.
  • precision machine work

  • We have a machinery range that allows for us to cover from high speed precision, intricate component manufacture to heavy industrial machining. The largest of our machinery range include a lathe with the capacity to swing 800mm diametre and 3000mm between centres. This machine is equipped with a multi-function digital readout which makes for greater accuracy and faster machine times. Our largest milling machine has 1900mm long travel 1000mm cross travel and at full length can fit 1000mm under the spindle. This machine also has the capabilities of line boring as wells as blind hole boring. Also fitted with a 3 axis digital readout, this makes the positioning of holes, bores, angles and faces extremely accurate.
  • heavy machine work

  • One of our major achievements was the manufacture of two Butt Stripping Machines for the local Aluminium Smelter, which during the manufacture, drew on a vast spectrum of resources and capabilities. The two machines were manufactured from start to assembly and trial operation over 5 months and when complete weighed 11.5 tons each.
  • machining on butt stripper
  • Over the years of operation the company has established an extremely strong and close relationship with our great range of suppliers, which can supply almost any grade of material in steel bar, alloys, plates, plastics. The most competitive prices and quickest delivery time. A large range of bar sizes and grades are kept in stock, but if the material required is not in stock some suppliers offer a 24hr break down service.
  • Our company also has a close working relationship with a Newcastle based CNC orientated machine shop, who supply us with an extremely competitive pricing and delivery structure for the large quantity repetitous orders.